Cozy Breakfast in Bed

Mashed Potato Pancakes
Fluffy Mashed Potato and Cheese Pancakes

These savory pancakes are a crazy crowd-pleaser, appealing to people of all ages and tastes. With their golden, crispy exterior and cheesy interior, it’s no wonder they’re a hit.

Blueberry Oatmeal with Maca Powder and Pecans

Chock-full of healthy fats, minerals, vitamins and fibre, this 10-minute vegan blueberry oatmeal with maca powder and pecans tastes just like blueberry pie. The ideal healthy oatmeal recipe for a nutritional powerhouse of a meal that still tastes like dessert.

Creating the Ultimate Breakfast Bowls

From refreshing smoothies to hearty grains, check out these sweet and savory breakfast bowls. They’re sure to get you out of your boring morning rut.

Cardamom Honey Buns

If you are a lover of homemade honey buns and bold spices, these homemade cardamom honey buns are what you need for a relaxing morning!

Vegan Vanilla Acai Bowl
Vegan Vanilla Acai Bowl

Dive into this thick and creamy vibrant vanilla acai bowl made vegan and loaded with plenty of fun toppings.

Oatmeal Blueberry Muffins

Humble, hearty, and nourishing, these Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins are more than just a sweet way to start your day–they’re an offering of love.

Prosciutto and Arugula Eggs Benedict

This Prosciutto & Arugula Eggs Benedict is a sophisticated, Italian twist on the original! Salty prosciutto and peppery, fresh arugula complement the classic poached egg and buttery hollandaise sauce.

Chocolatey Raspberry Coconut Waffles

The combination of these delicious coconut waffles with fluffy chocolate whipped cream and refreshing raspberry sauce will without a doubt start your day on a sweet note!

Vegan Pancakes and Chocolate Tahini Sauce with Blueberries

This pancake recipe is as good as it is good for you. Learn how to make these airy pancakes that are vegan, and a simple sauce with raw cacao. Believe it.

Potato Waffle Eggs Benedict

The perfect brunch or breakfast in bed, let your hollandaise sauce drip over an egg and into the perfect waffled squares of a savory potato cake.

Fluffy Chocolate Waffle Sandwiches

These chocolate waffles are complemented by a fluffy honey chestnut cream to bring outstanding flavor to a well rounded dessert.

Hash Brown Croque Monsieur Sandwich

Perfect for a winter weekend breakfast or lazy lunch, a take on the classic comfort food Croque Monsier sandwich swaps bread for a hash brown waffle.

Smoked Salmon and Yogurt on Baked Potato Pancakes

Easily baked in the oven, these shredded potato pancakes make an elegant bite, but are light and refreshing with smoked salmon and Greek yogurt.

Polenta Breakfast Bake

Add this sausage and polenta breakfast bake to your brunch routine for easy, delicious weekend eating.

Savory Bacon and Potato Pancakes

Made with potatoes instead of flour, savory pancakes with bacon and chives are great for breakfast or as an appetizer. Plus, they are naturally gluten free.

Perfect Greek Yogurt Waffle Batter

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, these Greek yogurt waffles can be made in less 30 minutes with delicious tangy flavor and plenty of protein.

Macadamia and Raspberry Pancakes

These tall, nutty pancakes are hit with a touch of coconut and drizzled with a fruity raspberry maple syrup and a few white chocolate shavings. An elegant breakfast plate.

Icelandic Pancakes Pönnukökur

These thin crepe-like pancakes make an excellent addition to afternoon tea, or spread with jam and folded up with whipped cream, they are a delicacy fit for festive occasions.

Parotta: South-Indian Breakfast Bread

A traditional tossed and then griddle-cooked breakfast bread that is perfect for soaking up spicy vegetable kurma.

Soft Ricotta Pancakes

Delicate ricotta cheese pancakes are moist with a mild cheese flavor that adds subtle richness along with a hint of vanilla and lemon zest.

Buckwheat Pancakes with Chocolate Cream Sauce

Buckwheat pancakes are bursting with great flavor. Top with an awesome coconut cream-chocolate sauce for a brunch that’s also fit for a lavish dessert.

Blueberry Pancakes Made with Greek Yogurt

Protein-packed pancakes are filled with plump blueberries, vanilla Greek yogurt and just the right amount of flavor for an awesome breakfast.

Fluffy and Crispy Buttermilk Waffles

A go-to recipe for a relaxing brunch, these waffles have delicious flavor and spot on crisp outsides with fluffy centers.

Spanish Omelette Muffins

Savory sunny Spanish omelette muffins. Perfect for breakfast, brunch or a packed lunch.

Ricotta Pancakes with Lemon Sauce and Pomegranate Seeds

These pancakes are filling with a hint of sweetness coming from the lemon cream sauce, similar to a curd, that is drizzled over top. Perfect for brunch.

Banana-Coconut Pancakes With a Chocolate Caramel Sauce

Hearty banana pancake batter is mixed with coconut oil and flakes for rich flavor and then doused in sticky-sweet chocolate caramel sauce.

Cajun Breakfast Soufflé

Instead of ham in your eggs, this cajun breakfast calls for andouille sausage and cornbread subbed for toast. Made with ease, this is a great brunch recipe.

Sour Cream Pancakes

Create fluffy, rich pancakes by adding sour cream and whipped egg whites. Spruce up the traditional griddle cake with added blueberries.

Whole Wheat Waffles with Vanilla Yogurt

These fluffy, sweet smelling yogurt waffles are a one bowl wonder. So good and no need for a mixer, just a bowl and a whisk and you’re ready to roll.

12 Pancakes to Wake Up For

Griddle cakes are a delicious way to start a weekend or busy day, savory or sweet. Try these traditional styles of flapjacks with a twist of flavor.

An EGG For Every Occasion — Brunch Edition

We are here to help you create a spring-inspired brunch centered around the egg. Here are ten egg drinks and dishes to confidently put on your brunch menu.

Gluten-Free Pancakes with Mango Curd

Flavorful almond pancakes are a filling and delicious gluten-free brunch delight. Incorporate mango curd into the batter and top with fresh mango and syrup.

Mixed Berry waffles

An sweet waffle batter can easily be brought to the next level with the addition of tangy berries. Top with nutella or powdered sugar for a morning treat.

Dark Chocolate Blueberry Pancakes

With ice cream toppings of blueberries, dark chocolate, and walnuts these pancakes are the bomb. Start your day with antioxidants, omega-3’s, and the right amount of carbs.

Apple-Onion Chicken Breakfast Sausage

This chicken breakfast sausage is sweetly savory, super flavorful, moist, and perfect nestled next to a fried egg.

Heart Smart Breakfast with Spinach and Cranberries

A heart smart egg white breakfast with cranberries and spinach.

Brazilian Cheese Waffles Recipe
Brazilian Cheese Waffles

The traditional Brazilian cheese bread formula, sweet or savory Waffle Pão de Queijo is naturally gluten-free and only takes minutes to make.

Sweet Potato and Chorizo Frittata
Sweet Potato and Chorizo Frittata

A frittata can be filled with any number of things, here Spanish flavors of sweet potato, chorizo, olives and Manchego cheese create a dish that works for brunch until dinner.

French Waffles with Cointreau Whipped Cream
French Waffles with Cointreau Whipped Cream

Try adding fresh blueberries to the batter or for a more indulgent treat, some chocolate chips.

Swedish Pancakes with Blackberry Vanilla Jam
Swedish Pancakes with Blackberry Vanilla Jam

Blackberries stand in for the Nordic lingonberries that often top these crepe-like pancakes.

Pancakes with Brandied Peaches
Pancakes with Brandied Peaches

Brandied Peaches makes these maple and oatmeal pancakes into so much more than a basic breakfast.

Berry Breakfast Porridge
Berry Breakfast Porridge

Feeling a bit chilly? Make this Berry Breakfast Porridge, stat. It’s exactly what you need on a cold winter’s morning.

Spinach Tomato Fritatta
Spinach and Tomato Fritatta

This frittata recipe is eggsactly what you need to jumpstart your day.

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes Blueberry Syrup Recipe
Weekend Breakfast – Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup

These amazing pancakes might be the pancakes to end all pancakes. At least according to Brittany Everett.

The Best Baked Eggs Recipe
Baked Eggs – The Perfect Breakfast Dish

Baked eggs may seem like a fancy breakfast but they are really very easy to make and they require very little time to prepare.

Egg + Avocado Flatbread
Sunny Side Egg and Avocado Breakfast Pizza

This Sunny Side Egg and Avocado Breakfast Pizza stars a bottomed fried egg, lime-spiked avocado, snow pea shoots and pink peppercorns.

Dutch Baby – Family Breakfast Go-to

An easy puffed pancake is a perfect breakfast for everyday or can be dressed up for fancier occasions.

Breakfast – Oeufs en Cocotte with Tarragon

Sasha Gora makes a simple yet elegant breakfast, oeufs en cocotte with tarragon.

Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes with Coconut Syrup
Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes with Coconut Syrup

One bite of these banana mac pancakes with coconut syrup will leave you dreaming of the land of aloha.

California Love – Sweet Breakfast Bread Pudding

Olivia Caminiti gets introduced to the tradition of eating a sweet bread pudding for breakfast.

Dutch Pancakes with Stroop
Dutch Pancake Recipe

Ena Scheerstra introduces herself as a new contributor and shares the recipe and story behind Dutch pancakes.

Crispy Zucchini Frittata

Maria Romano whips up a crispy and savory cake of egg and zucchini.

The Perfect Greek Breakfast

A deliciously satisfying breakfast of Greek yogurt, pistachios and honey.

From Bacon With Love: Savory Morning Fritters

These breakfast fritters are made with a blend of flours to compliment the sweetness of the vegetables.

Peaches and Cream Waffles
Peaches and Cream Waffles

The key to these peach waffles is using peaches in the peak of season.

Pannekaken {Norwegian Pancakes}
Pannekaken – Norwegian Pancakes

Similar to crêpes and Swedish pancakes, Norwegian pancakes are thinner and lighter than the American style of pancake, making them perfect for the heat of summer.

Cornmeal Pancakes with fresh corn
A Southern Table: Sweet Corn Pancakes

These light cornmeal pancakes with a crispy edges and a tender crumb are served with fresh corn and maple syrup as the perfect additions for breakfast.

french radish and sunflower sprout tartines featured image
French Breakfast Radish And Sunflower Sprout Tartines

Sylvie Shirazi often enjoys radishes with just a little salt and butter, but she also has a suggestion on how to make these lovely radish tartines.